Our Board

Dede Kadiri
Dede Kadiri has up to 20 years experience in law and transformational technology. During this time, she has undertaken development programme conceptualization, assessment, research and policy analysis aimed at designing solutions on a wide range industries and sectors including health, education, finance and the oil and gas sector. Her recent work area has been to apply system analysis to development programming and communications. She has also been involved in building strategic partnerships that link the public, private and third sectors in Nigeria. She has a keen proficiency in leadership development and has served as a certified Master Coach for the UNDP for almost 10 years in 7 African countries.
Ayo Adebusoye
Ayo Adebusoye has committed his senior level experience in multiple sectors to advance InnovationMatters development goals. He has a 28 year experience in law, research and policy analysis and development. Ayo has advanced skills in third sector coordination and capacity building at national and international levels.
Ifeanyi Peters Ugwuoke
Ifeanyi Peters Ugwuoke is a development professional with over 15 years experience in Advocacy & Governance , covering a wide range of areas; Policy & Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation, Public Finance Management and Public Service Reforms, specifically in conceptualizing and designing a result based management frame work, organizational systems and structure strengthening/transformation and change management for Ministries Department and Agencies. He has a proven track record of successfully driving public sector reforms at federal and state levels for enhanced service delivery. He has keen proficiency in: Project Management; Strategy Development; Monitoring & Evaluation; Results & Performance Based Management; Concept & Innovation; Programme Management & Solution Delivery; Implementation & Systems Design; Process Improvement & Change Management; Team Leadership & Group Facilitation; and Process re-engineering Ifeanyi Peters currently leads the UK’s Deparftment for Internaltional Development’s (DFID’s) Project for Nigeria known as -State Partnership for Accountability Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC) as State Programme Manager, Lagos State.